Action Call: Tell Your Story – Silence is the Enemy of Change!

Tell Your Story to the NIA

Silence is the enemy of change. It is incredibly important to speak out - to speak up! Share your personal story with the NIA and help us make a positive change in your community!

The negative systems in place only benefit when you're too scared to talk, share your hardships, and let the world know WHAT IS GOING ON! When this many families are impacted but are silent - the system is broken.

You can't let this go on any longer. Share your story with us below!

• • • STEP 1 • • •

Share this with Friends and Family who are impacted by the GA prison system or anyone you know that wants to see a change!

We can't keep silent, and now is the time to act - so make sure to share this message now!

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Please provide your email incase we would like to reach out to you.

Please provide your phone number incase we would like to reach out to you.

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