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We’re pushing the MOVEMENT to end the absurd patterns in why and how we incarcerate. To make it more sensible and fair. To correct and to repair, and to restore futures and families. Our work includes:
  1. Public Awareness, Facts and Information
  2. Linking Actions and Resources for Reform
  3. Individualized Rehabilitation and Family Repair
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More than 11,000,000 Americans who have served their time, even for so-called “non-violent” crimes are denied access to decent and fair housing options. Tens of thousands of them, including mothers and veterans, end up living on streets and under bridges.

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Employers that give a second chance to workers with past crime records report that once shown patience, empathy and training, they are up to 14% less likely to miss work and they produce as much as 10% more worker output.

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Incarceration is still big business and a huge tax bill because too many Americans are left living out acts of desperation; behavioral illness and substance addiction. Social innovation and public demand can change that.

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The true story of how the NIA has helped lives across Georgia
  • Stacy H.

    In our darkest days , in our deepest fear, We were directed to Kate Boccia and the NIA. In one moment we were thrust into a life we knew NOTHING about. Kate and the NIA helped us navigate through to better support our loved one. We have attended , family day & Judicial Day on the Capital and will continue to support The NIA in their work For prison reform. We are a community of Family and advocacy whether we like it or not. Thank you Kate for all your hard work, love and support. Let me know how I can help further.

    South Georgia - Stacy H.

  • Diane E

    Kate and I met through Kit Cummings. Kate was a bit ahead of me with the prison system; my son was still in Fulton County. She guided me thru my first family day and we both served on the first Citizen’s Advisory Council for three years shortly after that. It’s been quite a journey for both she and I.

    Diane E

  • Juanita Hall

    Katie is a Warrior, she fights for justice and families. My first called to Kate was 2018 a stabbing took place at Dooley State my son was stabbed in his sleep and I had called everybody and everywhere. The Humans Right organization gave me Kate Boccia number and when I made that call to Kate, you would have thought I called her about Daniel she went in mom mode gave me much support and information that anyone person could give. I call on Kate at any given time and she just jump right in with whatever help or support she can give. Kate Boccia you are the MOM to all of us. My love and support are with you and for you anytime, I'm here. Thanks for all you done and doing

    Fulton county Atlanta, Ga - Juanita Hall

  • Debbie M.

    Kate Boccia and the NIA are a needed resource for all families dealing with the Georgia DOC. Kate was very helpful in our journey with my son through the system and continues to help afterwards as well as always having helpful information for everyone. I am very grateful for the NIA and Kate and will support in whatever way I cannot.

    Peachtree Corners, GA - Debbie M.

  • Markietta W.

    Kate was heaven sent!!! I didn’t know I would meet such a warrior at that GSU event back in 2018, but I did and that was momma Kate speaking on stage! That was such a special day looking back because Daniel had just come home, and I had the chance to meet him, Evie and Kate! Kate and the NIA have been such an inspiration, and has also exposed me to more and more important things that need to be addressed and fixed, including families that need support I’m honored to be part of the NIA team. Kate helped my husband, and I in many different ways that I will forever be grateful for. As we still fight to bring Phil home. We will continue to do the work to change this system and help families in need always. Phillip and I truly appreciate you Kate, and the NIA family always, we’ll be by your side through any war!

    Duluth, GA - Markietta W.

  • Chris I.

    A " thank you " will never be enough for this woman ( Kate Boccia) who poured her heart and soul into a cause that was so desperately needed . The unconditional love for all of us, the passion to fight this fight, the loyalty to her son, Daniel and her family, the countless hours spent on this project.....and list goes on. She is always there when you need her. I reached out on Social Media ( a helpful website ) because I did not want to bother Kate. I was just seeking advice. She noticed and took it upon herself to help me and direct me - because that is "who she is". We live in a world where we need support and need action. Kate is our person. Thank you . The GDC is taking my own son down. The system is more than broken - its deplorable!!!! I could lay out an enormous list of concerns - but you all already know . I pray for all of you and especially , Kate who suffering an unimaginable loss. Carry on Kate > for the love of Daniel and your spirit we all admire.

    Cumming, GA - Chris I.

  • Jeanne R.

    There is nothing I will not do for you Kate Boccia or for the NIA! You say when and what time and Georgia has been on my mind daily and so have you. No more mass incarceration for people that are too cherished to go through such harsh conditions, that are our RESPONSIBILITY to HELP! Our Governor Brian Kemp (yes Governor you are being called) to help us with this and we need you, our government officials and everyone in our state to stand up for people that are being put through PTSD and cruelty to human beings that are in our care. We will be in touch, not going anywhere and see you soon We are growing everyday! Spread the WORD!!!

    Georgia - Jeanne R.

  • Big Billy

    Well I have always been a part of this and you and the NIA has had my back.. not only that Daniel was my Brother in love and War. I am proud to say, Big Billy has stepped on the battle field and I come to speak what need to be spoken..To all.. no holds barred.. Its time to hold those accountable for the fields they have planted…

    Alpharetta, GA - Big Billy

  • Julie Harding

    Kate Boccia always answered my call. I was so lost when my son was arrested. Her knowledge & kindness helped me through a very dark time.

    Florida - Julie Harding

  • Marcia M.

    It was an act of God that I even know who you are. I’ve been the mother of an addict for YEARS and it’s by the grace of God that he is still with us. It was also by the grace of God that you came into his life through a purely chance encounter. He loves your purpose and your cause and so do I (basically, transform not reform).

    Cobb County, GA - Marcia M.

  • Kathleen H.

    I’m not sure how many phone calls we had together regarding the right people to connect with, what needed to be said and done...and to never give up! We also attended local events together to be seen and heard. In most cases we become lost in the system just as our child does on the inside of the prison system! No voice because we have no idea who to contact and what rights we may have. It becomes swimming upstream against the all-powerful tide of injustice! We are in search of a lighthouse in the storm...or the torchbearer holding up a light to guide us. Grateful for the light and voice that the NIA provided!

    Cumming, GA - Kathleen H.

  • Sharon R.

    You literally made me sit up from the fetal position. Gave me a direction to go on this journey with my daughter. You saved me from drinking myself to death and giving up. NIA gives families a purpose while waiting.

    Rome, GA - Sharon R.

  • Dennise Duckett

    Not sure where to start but I stumbled upon Kate Boccia and the NIA when my daughter was sent to prison. I Google Pulaski State Prison to see what info was out there about this prison and there was Kate along with her friend Monalisa going in to visit Monalisa's daughter. I was scared, petrified for my daughter as well as for myself, for my new "norm " in life being a mother of a daughter in prison,still hard to deal with it ,been 6 years. Thanks to NIA and Kate I was able to gain alot of info of how to handle situations dealing with the prison as well giving all of us motivation to just to survive by presenting resources to us. Thanks to Kate and NIA I was also put in touch with attorney Janis Mann who is now my daughter's attorney. Thanks Kate and NIA for fighting for all of us,especially our children and loved ones that are in prison. Also because of Kate I was able to get support from Monalisa Johnson and her group prisoner of hope.

    Henry county, Locust Grove, Ga - Dennise Duckett

  • Chandra B.

    Kate and The NIA was a GOD send to me and my daughter. Kate taught me how to be a fierce advocate in the prisons. She was hands on and caring, thoughtful and consistent. I don’t know what we would’ve done without her and NIA. Because of the NIA my daughter was safer, resourceful and secure while she spent her time in prison. Without the knowledge and resources Kate provided we would’ve been just another number. Then when my daughter came home Kate lended her home for me to stay in while we worked on her transition home since I was coming from out of town. Words cannot explain my appreciation for the NIA and their work. Love you Kate and whenever you need me to fly out and support I’m there!

    California - Chandra B.

  • Big Nard

    Hello Mrs. Kate this is Nard Teekey's husband and I wanted to give you and your family my deepest condolences, Danny was not just a great friend but was like a little brother 2 me and I can't stress enough of how truly sorry I am, God bless u and your family!! Your unconditional love was shown every time how far to the ends of the earth and beyond you would go for him, and Mrs. Kate I want you to always know Danny knew and cherished how your love for him had no bounds, yes ma'am he surely knew without a doubt, and his love for u words have no bounds for it, so rejoice on that and I hope it can console u some in your time of loss

    Held Captive in a Georgia prison - Big Nard

  • A friend from Central State Prison

    Mrs Kate... Daniel will be missed by everyone... I was sick when I heard the news of his untimely death... Daniel was my little brother, and I was looking forward to continuing our friendship on the outside... Daniel has done more for me than anyone since I've met him at Central state Prison, the four of us, me, Daniel, Lance, and lil J had each other's back, and were together everyday for two years, and we all had a bond like no other!!! We have great memories of a great person, a selfless guy, and a damn good friend... We all lost when Daniel died,we lost his goofiness, his smile, we lost his thoughts and ideas,his genuineness,his energy, his spirit, most of all we lost his love!!! Thank you and Mr Frank for the morals and values that y'all instilled in Daniel... We all miss him!!!

    A friend from Central State Prison

  • Yolanda Williams

    Hello, my name is Yolanda Williams you may not know me but may have heard of my son Chamberlain Ivey who died in December of 2016. After everything it came out that my son was drugged and then drowned in the lake because he couldn't handle the drugs. Right now I'm upset because it's known that someone put something in his cup, but sad because the kid that did it was stupid and naive and told someone he didn't realize it would have that type of affect on him. So many heads are turned in that area because 2 weeks later some kids texted me thinking he was texting friends asking them to bring alcohol and drugs to their party. When the parent was confronted about she was in denial and said it was not here kid, but I had the text in my phone with there name. But,my reason of really writing you is to say I would like to be apart of the work you are doing to bring awareness about this dangerous situation. My number is xxxxxxxx please feel free to call me at anytime. Thank you

    Yolanda Williams

  • Suzanne Baker

    Kate, I know I don’t know you well, but my heart pulled on me to reach out to you. We met briefly in the English Avenue community as you worked tirelessly for your son. I have watched your and his journey from afar, always coming away thinking what fighters you both are. I was always touched by your journey, and I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I lost my brother to suicide and my cousin to drug addiction so unfortunately I understand your gut wrenching pain. You have already shown what an incredible strong and resilient person you are, and I know you will come out on the other side of this. Still, I wish there were some magic words I could say to make it better for you. All I can say is that there are times of hope and light ahead, even if it feels like the exact opposite. He will always be with you and a part of you. He is free of any pain and struggles. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Suzanne Baker