Upcoming Events

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College Behind Bars

Explore the transformative power of education through the eyes of a dozen incarcerated men and women trying to earn college degrees – and a chance at new beginnings.

Past Events

Shatterproof 5K Atlanta

Nearly 90% of people who need treatment for addiction do not receive it. Rise Up with Shatterproof to shatter the stigma of addiction so that people receive the treatment they need.

International Prisoners Family Conference

Like most conferences, this one features dynamic knowledgeable speakers and provides opportunities to learn best practice approaches and exchange creative ideas, but it is so much more.  It offers such amazing opportunities to network and receive and provide encouragement and support that it has even been described as “magical!”  However, the “magical” part of this conference is intangible and cannot be fully understood without actually being there.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

The CJCC represents the culmination of many efforts to establish a statewide body that would build consensus and unity among the State's diverse and interdependent, criminal justice system components.

Promoting Responsible Justice

FREE Summit open to the Public for a legal, Educational Purpose -- discussing the most important issues of our time – Criminal Justice Reform.

United for Justice

Calling all fans of soccer and social justice! Join Georgia Justice Project (GJP) for an evening of cheering on Atlanta United while communing with others invested in criminal justice reform.

Family Day

The purpose of this meeting is for family members to meet with Departmental representatives and discuss issues concerning the incarceration of their love one(s).

2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition

There is no better place for HR professional development than SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exposition. By attending, you’ll gain the tools and resources you need to implement successful HR practices – which help your company succeed.

The EMI Conference: Let Our People Go

This event is a gathering of influential faith leaders and criminal justice thought leaders from around the country who share a common interest in practical solutions for abolishing America’s massive and increasingly privatized prison industrial complex.