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Past Events

JCPA2021 National Conference

The Conference brings together the largest local-national network to grapple and take a deep dive into today’s crucial issues through a Jewish lens.

Day of Empathy 2021

National day of action to generate empathy, humanize, and uplift the stories of those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.

Talk Justice Tuesday: Prison Conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic rages through our state prisons, exacerbating already dehumanizing conditions and endangering the lives of those inside and outside the facilities. Join us to discuss how state lawmakers [...]

Justice Day 2021

Justice Day is the annual advocacy day of the Justice Reform Partnership, a coalition of over fifty organizations working in the state of Georgia and elsewhere around the issues of [...]

Talk Justice Tuesday: Criminal Sentencing

Extreme sentencing — from lengthy sentences for minor offenses to mandatory minimums to the death penalty — is at the heart of mass incarceration, and despite popular belief, such sentences [...]

Talk Justice Tuesdays : Juvenile Justice

Young people have an incredible capacity for growth and rehabilitation, and the best way to reduce juvenile misconduct is with evidence-based, supportive interventions. Join us to discuss how lawmakers can [...]

National Prison Summit

The National Prison Summit is an ecumenical movement to equip leaders with cutting-edge strategies around policy, criminal and social justice reform.