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Leave My Citizen-Right to Vote Alone

I served 7 years in prison 4 years ago... While most Americans right now and all around us, are active and vocal about voting – I can’t vote. In fact, I can’t vote until I’m 80 years old – another 20 years from now.

The Evolving Truth of Freedom: A 4th of July Message

The growing band of American colonists realized they were among a diverse collection of peoples from different lands, different cultures and different interests, all with one common resolve to live independent and free of fear. So from their perspective of oppression, they focused not on musket and domain, but on commonality.

When a Parent Goes to Prison

Filmmaker Denali Tiller had another project in mind when she began following a woman who had been incarcerated for 17 years and had developed a program aimed at addressing the trauma experienced by children whose parents were in prison.

Could This be the Season?

During this season of “thanks” and “giving,” the NIA would like for all Americans to take a solemn moment to really focus on the similarities between families as victims of crime and families impacted by the consequences of incarceration...

The Freedom to be Authentic this Fourth of July

By Kate Boccia Edited by Mark Olmsted I was born in the Midwest from somewhat humble beginnings. At the tender age of 5 we moved to New England where I began school. Every morning we placed our right hand over our hearts and said the Pledge of Allegiance. It was so automatic that we became […]

Dear Mothers

As we celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day, let us not forget who mothers really are. Mothers are amazing women who love so unconditionally.

Press Release

The loss of life last week as a result of riots at Lee Correctional Institution is a tragedy for the nation, for the state of South Carolina, and especially for the families of the young men who died so needlessly.

They Call Me Momma Kate

Momma Kate is part of a small package of mammas who devote a lot of attention to the incarcerated and their families, and instinctively they can’t turn their backs on a family in distress.

Treat ‘em Like Dogs (Please)

When my son was first convicted, I was thrust into an arena that was beyond my wildest fears. The chaos and destruction of my world was devastating. My son was suicidal and in a system that could not and would not help me help him. I knew in my heart that I would fight every day for his life.

I Used to Be Different. Now I’m the Same

Only when my personal reality was shattered did I realize all of my assumptions were built on quicksand. October 24, 2012 is when everything changed. That was the day my son went to prison. As one of the new friends I made in line waiting to visit him later told me: “Honey, that’s the day you became...

Memorial Day in Full Measure

“I guess I want people to know that while they certainly fought for country, they died protecting their buddies.” Perhaps then, the greatest wish of the fallen hero would be to continue to care for his buddies – those still alive, still struggling to adjust. To make things right and to make them whole.

When It Hits Your Doorstep: Vincia’s Story

If I could only look a parent in the eye who happens to also be a policy maker, I would ask, “how do you want my son to return to society?” Or better even, “is it starting to make more sense to care how my son will return to society?”

Ban the Box

I’ve heard so much talk recently about this “Ban the Box” initiative. I just learned a little bit more about it. Apparently, a company or an agency can eliminate the box on a job application that asks if you’ve ever been arrested or convicted of a crime.

Blaming Basil Eleby

Since the collapse of Atlanta’s I-85 expanse at the Buford-Spring connector, emotions have been ignited and people want answers. Why was he still on the street after so many arrests? How long can he be locked away this time, once and for all? What judges kept letting him out? Did the District Attorney drop the ball? How much is all this going to cost us as taxpayers?

Paying For Crime

But consider a third party, those who also pay when a crime is committed- the taxpayers. From a literal perspective, it is taxpayers' dollars used to build and maintain the prison system across the Land of the Free.

Dogs & Men

It was very cold in the jail. Notice how the guys have coats and thermals on under their uniform. These layers are necessary, despite

Listen Up {Elected Officials}

This topic is something that affects each and every one of us who live and pay taxes in this country. It is our moral obligation to fully understand the impact that our ignorance is having on all of us.

Why Families Give Up

Suddenly an elderly man collapsed. The heat was too much for him. The crowd was scared and screamed for help. The officer on duty got him inside and cooled him off, then the family left. I have no idea who they were, how long they drove or if anyone would let the man who they were visiting know what had happened.

The Prison Family Conundrum

It is obvious to each of us that we in no way intend to forgo the safety and security of our communities. We all understand the need to incarcerate individuals that are a danger.

Kate Boccia – An Update

I have played with children in line, wrote letters of appreciation to officers, counselors and wardens. I have challenged the system to be better at communicating with families and loved ones. I have addressed the visitation issues and helped get things improved.

Sharing Sentences on the Outside

Kate Boccia knows what it’s like to struggle with a loved one behind bars. When her son, Daniel, was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for armed robbery, she experienced all the emotional and financial struggles that come with having an incarcerated family member.

Rehabilitation – The Dirty Word

In essence, we can reasonably assume that each and every one of us have or know of someone who is under some form of supervision, whether it is prison, probation (3.9 million), parole, (850,000) or jails (more than 11 million people cycle through each year, according to the Prison Policy Initiative report.

A Mother and a Advocate Against Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration is an issue that many Democrats and Liberals have taken up and fought against dating back to Bill Clinton’s presidency. In a rare, but important case, Kate Boccia- a Republican- is too a advocate against mass incarceration. She spoke with Rashad Richey about her advocacy, and the effect mass incarceration has had on […]

Heroin Hits Home

By Rick Badie – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Friday, June 20, 2014 Asleep in her upstairs bedroom, Kate Boccia awoke to frantic voices and hurried footsteps descending the stairs. She flung open the bedroom door. Frank, her husband, carried one passed-out young woman in his arms. Daniel Jay, her 21-year-old son, carried another. They were joined […]