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First-rate Transitional Housing For Women

Pleasant neighborhood living. A safe place to regain confidence and personal stability.



NIA’s Save a Soul program is designed to allow residents to have time to settle into our Whole Way Housing homes without the stress of paying rent and purchasing much needed items. Many times they come home penniless and facing homelessness so this safety net helps them beyond measure.

Our Mission

The NIA's Whole-Way Housing program mission is to keep improving a total quality-of-life experience that pays attention to the usually unspoken needs of displaced and justice-involved individuals. A place of healing that does not run out of time or compassion!

What Sets us Apart?

Dignified Housing for Post Incarcerated 2

Comfortable, Dignified Housing

Peer Support by certified professionals

Peer Support by Certified Professionals

Mental Emotional Substance Abuse Care

Mental, Emotional, & Substance Abuse Care

Financial services planning

Financial Planning Services

Employment Assistance

Employment Assistance Services

Navigate Parole

Probation & Parole Navigation

Your New Home...


  • Lori T.

    “They had it all so together. I’m a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children with a history of mistakes. I have a road ahead of me to get a lot straight. But thanks to this program I already see a better life for real.”

    Lori T.

  • Judith Fambro, M.Div.

    “I was so impressed with your newly developed housing program for women. Wishing you the very best and I look forward to our continued partnership!”

    Community Coordinator Georgia Department of Community Supervision Reentry Services Division - Judith Fambro, M.Div.

  • Shante Mottley,

    “For myself being in this transitional household and program makes me feel safe, positive and productive. For anyone that is wanting to make a change for the better and become successful in life, this program is where to be. It is 100% worth making this program my choice.”

    House Manager - Shante Mottley,

  • "I don't want to live in another place that sounds like I'm only “half-way” somewhere. When I walk out of prison, I want to be where I can feel totally free. Where I can feel whole again."

Fulton County - NIA Sponsor

Funding provided in part by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Department of Community Development.

Georgia Pacific - Sponsor of the NIA

Funding provided in part by the generosity of Georgia-Pacific.

Marta NIA Sponsor

Funding provided in part by the generosity of Marta