Whole-Way Housing

Long-Term, Self-Sufficiency, Family Restoration and Public Safety

Imagine less crime because people are living with less desperation that feeds criminal behavior. They are resettled after incarceration with structured and tightly connected long-term support systems.

Support that works. Tested ‘crime reduction’ by the numbers.

We have the know-how and the tools to imagine and build this housing model. Program designers at the NIA, along with a team of vested partners, have designed this model:
Dignified Housing for Post Incarcerated 2

Comfortable, Dignified Housing

Peer Support by certified professionals

Peer Support by Certified Professionals

Mental Emotional Substance Abuse Care

Mental, Emotional, & Substance Abuse Care

Financial services planning

Financial Planning Services

Employment Assistance

Employment Assistance Services

Navigate Parole

Probation & Parole Navigation

Whole way Housing by the NIA

“Obviously, crime rates are not reduced by the usual fragmented and temporary housing services. People trapped in these cycles tell us clearly what would make the difference for them. Whole-Way Housing listens with action.”

- Tiffany Kirk, Community Development Manager, Regions Bank Atlanta

Whole-Way Housing

  • Addresses Trauma at the Root of Personal Instability
  • Treats Addiction Long-Term until Addiction is Cured
  • Mentors the Whole Family to Reverse Dependency Trends
  • Keeps Success Measures Out Front and in Full Public View
Whole-Way Housing - Post Incarceration Home Services