NIA Announces Appointment of New Board and Council Members

New Appointments NIA

Alpharetta, GA, February 27, 2022 The National Incarceration Association (NIA) announced today the appointment of Karen James to the NIA board of directors and the following individuals to the advisory council: Judge Beverly Martin, Carl Jamal Rumsey (CJ), Warden Jose Morales, and Kathryn Rice, Ph.D.

“These passionate individuals join the NIA team to help families navigate the journey of incarceration with positive outcomes, and to push innovations throughout justice systems to correct, rehabilitate, cure, and restore, for greater public safety for all. Our vision is that the justice and corrections system of the United States becomes a system of dignity, safety, and progressive personal improvement for all involved,” said Kate Boccia, president and CEO of NIA.

Karen James - Board of Directors the National Incarceration Association

Karen James

Karen James is a policy reform advocate with more than 33 years of federal government administration and human resources experience. She is an EEOC specialist and co-manages public affairs for the NIA.

Beverly Martin - Advisory Council the National Incarceration Association

Hon. Beverly Martin

Beverly Martin recently retired as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit where she served for 11 years. Martin was formerly the U.S. district judge for the Northern District of Georgia, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, and assistant attorney general for the State of Georgia.

CJ Rumsey - Advisory Council the National Incarceration Association

CJ Rumsey

CJ Rumsey is founder and executive director of the Maverick City Music Initiative in alliance with the renowned Maverick City Music Group. His passions are urban ministry and social reform.

Jose Morales - Advisory Council the NIA

Jose Morales

Jose Morales is a retired Army Airborne Infantryman and a 22-year veteran of the Georgia Department of Corrections (retired). Morales served as warden at several state prisons including Georgia’s highest maximum-security facility. He is a committed advocate for systems reform.

Kathryn Rice PHD - Advisory Council the National Incarceration Association

Dr. Kathryn Rice, PhD

Kathryn Rice, PhD, is an adjunct professor at Troy University (Alabama) and is founder of Building Quality Communities, which specializes in community and economic development.