Randy Hatfield


Thank you again for all of your concern and help last Thursday evening and Friday morning while I was in Valdosta at Family Day. I would like to have been able to personally thank you before I left for Alabama but, I had to leave soon after my meetings due to an appointment back in Montgomery, AL Hopefully you received the text that I sent you before I left.

I will definitely join your NIA. My son’s mother (my ex-wife) also plans on joining as well. Please expect to get a membership check from me in the next several days.

My compliments to you and to your ability to “get things done” and create a “professional network”. I was more than impressed with the results that I personally experienced after you introduced me to Commissioner Bryson, Tom McElhenney and Jack Koon. I was able to have private conversations with all 3 of those gentlemen plus 3 Medical professionals including a Dr. Williams (medical) and Dr. Jackson (mental health). I also had a “sit down” with Warden Shepard of ASMP. The “long and the short of it” is after all of my meetings, follow-up emails and telephone conversations, I have an appointment at the prison this coming Friday with the Warden, the Health Services Director and my son’s counselor. I have been able to accomplish all of this in 5-6 days because of you and your organization.

I am excited about being able to get involved with your organization. I will do everything that I can to refer NIA to other family members of inmates who might be in a similar situation.

Best Regards,

Randy Hatfield