Elliot in Miami

I got out 3 years ago. I not long ago heard on TV a candidate for president talk about keeping us safe from “felons.” I went in 12 years ago addicted to heroin. I work on my uncle’s lawn care crew when there is enough work to pay me. I failed in the Army after just one year. I was addicted then and I still am.
I know a lot of people addicted and on the street for years. They’re dying every day. Going in and out of jail every day. Funny, I used to get all A’s in high school math. The Army was teaching me code. I can still learn code. I haven’t lost my intelligence.
I’ll never have the money for the help I need. I see the commercials on the TV. Those fancy places aren’t in my neighborhood.
I wish life would see me as somebody worth help and a second chance. Not a felon. That sounds so final.