Criminal Justice Bills Awaiting the Governor’s Signature

criminal justice bills awaiting signature

Here is a list of the criminal justice bills that passed this year and now await the governor’s signature:


  • HB 657 – Makes it a felony to knowingly give a firearm to any person convicted of a felony or on first offender probation.
  • HB 673 – Distracted Driving Bill that requires hands-free use of cell phones and other technology.
  • HB 732 – Expands definition of sex trafficking and increases the penalty.
  • HB 751 – Creates the Georgia Emergency Communications Authority.
  • HB 765 – CJ’s Law – increases penalties for hit and run accidents that result in death or serious injury.
  • HB 803 – Prohibits trafficking a disabled adult, elder person, or resident.
  • HB 890 – Creates penalties for using a fire exit after shoplifting.
  • HB 834 –  Provides for the termination of a lease when the lessee is the victim of family violence.
  • HR 913 – House Study Committee on Incorporating Law Enforcement in the Pathway to Treatment and Social Services for Persons Having Challenges with Drug Use and Mental Health.
  • SB 315 – Creates the new crime of unauthorized computer access.
  • SB 369 – Requires $5 of pretrial diversion fees be given to the Peace Officers’ Annuity and Benefit Fund.
  • SB 407 – Reforms to misdemeanor bail, conversion of fines and fees to community service, retroactive first offender, behavioral incentive dates and sentencing enhancements for certain firearm offenses.
  • SR 146 – Marsy’s Law – proposes an amendment to the state’s constitution to acknowledge certain rights of crime victims.


  • HB 740 – Prohibits any child (preschool – 3rd grade) from being expelled or suspended for more than 5 consecutive days unless drugs or weapons were involved.
  • SB 336 – Prohibits the provider of electronic communications services from notifying a customer about a subpoena for the production of records used in furtherance of crimes against minors.


  • SB 406 – Expands background checks for people working with vulnerable populations.
  • SB 427 – Changes provisions relating to income, voluntary unemployment, and involuntary loss of income to account for a parent’s incarceration.

*Governor Deal has forty days to sign or veto a bill, but he does not have to sign a bill in order for it to become law.