Your Story – Patty Klecka

Good Afternoon Mrs. Boccia,

I am following up to find out if the meeting with the Atlanta Rotary had taken place yet? If so, I am hoping there was very positive feedback from the Atlanta executives and that you will be able to share on the NIA website. If so, I am looking forward to reading about it. I understand that Mercedes Benz will be participating in the “ban the box”. I am hoping other executives will follow suit. However, it won’t help those individuals who live in the metro or rural areas who do not have transportation or accessible transportation.


A few weeks ago, a lady called into Clark Howard stating she is a felon who obtained her 4 year degree (I didn’t catch what type of degree-may have been in criminal justice) and could not be hired because of her criminal background. She was asking Clark for advice. He, for once, lol was at a lost for words! She was very discouraged. He said he had a friend in some type of business and would ask him to help and he would get back with her. I don’t know if he was able to help her. This is a prime example of the frustration of felons. My son, doesn’t have his degree, but he wants to move forward and work so he can earn a living and live on his own. We want him too!


I know you understand my frustration over this injustice to the “average” person who, too, made their mistakes and bad choices but want to get on with their lives and be productive citizens. Also, to provide them help with their addictions and mental health so they can obtain and keep jobs.


I realize I am looking to you for all the answers. I am so grateful I can communicate with you because there is no one else to look to for any kind of help.


Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I apologize for the redundancy and bad writing skills.


In appreciation,


Patty Klecka