Working For You

The National Incarceration Association is devoted to pursuing the resolution of mass incarceration issues as experienced by average families. We are focused on those real-life situations that distress the vitality, health and civic potential of families impacted in anyway by the necessity of incarceration. Our resolve commits us to continually explore ways to best facilitate efforts among the communities of families, advocates, policy makers, service providers, and business stakeholders. Only together – working out of the box, and in tandem with whatever we see in common – can we change the cost and course of mass incarceration in measurable ways.


Patrick Rodriguez

Pat_Trick_Lee Day 283, I’m ecstatic that it’s finally April and that no matter how inconceivable my release may be, it’s closer today than it was yesterday. It’s so frustrating sitting here knowing that I made choices that caused all of this; no one else but me. That’s the whole thing about it, accepting responsibility for […]


Truth Graf

Dear Kate, It’s been 13 months since I was released from prison. I served 7 years locked away from my family for a non-violent, drug-related first offense. I was a 47 year old mom with a college degree who begged the judge for long-term in-patient drug rehab, at my own expense, and they literally laughed at […]


Anne W. Johnston – Michael’s Mom

I am unable to find words to express how grateful and thankful we are for you and to have met you at this time. Exasperation runs deep. Thank you!


Randy Hatfield

My compliments to you and to your ability to “get things done” and create a “professional network”. I was more than impressed with the results that I personally experienced after you introduced me to Commissioner Bryson, Tom McElhenney and Jack Koon. I was able to have private conversations with all 3 of those gentlemen plus 3 Medical professionals including a Dr. Williams (medical) and Dr. Jackson (mental health).