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Without mothers - we'd be nowhere. Moms drive our growth,
development, and progress. Celebrate & support moms
and their role in rehabilitation by supporting the NIA

Celebrate & Support Mothers

The NIA is here to help reverse current irresponsible norms and bring hope, bridge gaps, connect assets, end waste, and advocate for those who have no voice.


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Your donations to the NIA are tax deductible. The National Incarceration Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable corporation. Our DONOR PRIVACY POLICY ensures that we will never share, sell, trade or distribute your personal information to any source, for any reason, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations.
A Mother's love makes all the difference 2

A Mother’s Love Makes
all the Difference

The importance of a mother's support during an incarcerated person's rehabilitation process cannot be overstated, particularly for the incarcerated person themselves. Incarceration can be a challenging and isolating experience, and mothers can provide invaluable support to their children during this difficult time. A mother's involvement in the rehabilitation process can help provide the incarcerated person with a sense of hope, motivation, and purpose, all of which can facilitate successful rehabilitation.

Doing it Alone 4

Moms Need Your Support

Without proper support systems, mothers across the country are impacted by the far-reaching cost of mass incarceration. This is why we want to take this time to celebrate our brave mothers who are involved in helping NIA’s effort and those mothers who bear the terrible cost borne by a broken system. The NIA strives to provide support systems for mothers in need, and gives them a voice.

Moms drive change 3

We Can't Do
it Without Them

The NIA started as the brainchild of our CEO Kate Boccia, a mother who’s suffered terrible tragedy. Kate States:

“A profound and deep grief came over me that was hard to shake. I felt so alone. I was stumbling blindly through a maze of confusion. As so many mothers do, I turned to alcohol to numb the pain. I couldn’t get out of bed some days, got fired from my job, and strained my marriage thin. My son’s sentence literally turned my family’s world upside down. Where were the people who could help me help my son? How do I navigate this beast alone? I sunk deeper and deeper into depression. I was giving up.

Then I met Tori, Michelle, Rotunda, Wesley, Dena, Edward, Mazzetti, Darion, Ana, Nolan, Jimmy, James, Kevin, Deanna, Sierra, Tricia, Dena, Brandon, Diane, Maurice, Linda, and hundreds of others just like me and my son. Families torn apart by “the system.”

These families inspired me to act. I was no longer afraid. I turned my anger into advocacy, my alcohol into action, and I became a voice for the voiceless.”

Help Mothers By Supporting the NIA

Each Donation big or small, contributes to the following:
Save your Community - The NIA Georgia


More than 900 open NIA cases and scores of weekly calls and letters help families heal and grow from the trauma of failed corrections policies.
Make your Voice heard The National Incarceration Association Georgia 1


Raising and expanding the NIA alarm that every local economy, every education district, every church community, and every profession is impacted by desperation, addiction, and over-incarceration.
Empower Smarter Change The NIA 1


Always more than a dozen open NIA involved projects and initiatives pushing new ideas and coordinating partnerships for measurable value-added results.


Since our inception in 2016, the NIA has innovated approaches and advanced restoration by the numbers...



No matter who you are, how much you have, or what you do - you can use your resources to help end the negative impact mass incarceration places on your community!
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