Start A Fundraiser for the NIA

Support the NIA by hosting your own fundraiser in honor of someone, for yourself, or to help us achieve a special goal. Starting a fundraiser for the NIA and championing it is one of the best ways you can make a positive change in your community - Helping US help you!
Start a fundraiser for the National Incarceration Association

How Your Fundraiser Can Make an Impact

  • The NIA provides services, resources, and guidance to families currently being hurt. Our CPR program has successfully helped over 1600 cases. 
  • The NIA can get the attention of stakeholders, lawmakers, politicians, and advocacy networks. 
  • The NIA is active and present at critical events spreading our message, expanding our goals, and growing our efficacy.
  • The NIA is run by a massive team of volunteers who need more resources to make their efforts more impactful. Software, materials, and operating cost are essential to sustaining the NIA's growth and momentum. 
  • Direct marketing, promotion, and education about the problem is needed on a much larger scale to connect with the public and decision-makers.


Starting a fundraiser has been made super easy by use of GaGIVEs backed by Mightycause!

Step 1.

Simply visit by clicking the button below:

Step 2.

Click the "Fundraise" Option located at the top of the page:

Start a Fundraiser for the NIA

Step 3.

Quickly sign up by selecting your preferred sign-in method such as Google or Facebook.

Start a Fundraiser for the NIA

Step 4.

Follow the on-screen prompts to get taken to your first fundraiser page. A default template based on our #GivingTuesday campaign will be loaded. Make sure to edit the template to match your fundraiser messaging & goals. Watch the video below to get a basic rundown:

Step 5.

Promote uour fundraiser with friends, family, loved ones, or anyone you know who wants to make a better & brighter future for your community!