Rounding up your purchases is the easiest way to make continual small contributions to the NIA while you spend! The RoundUp App does all the work for you, and it continues to run without any extra effort!


Starting a Fundraise has been made super easy by use of GaGIVEs backed by Mightycause!

Step 1.

Simply visit RoundUp website by clicking the button below:

Step 2.

On desktop, simply fill out the small form on the right to get started. On mobile, simply click the blue popup button at the bottom and fill out the information.

Start a Fundraiser for the NIA

Step 3.

After creating your account and logging in click the small blue donate button on the bottom right.

round up for the NIA

Step 4.

Select Roundup on the next screen and click the blue button at the bottom "Sign up to RoundUp!"

round up for the NIA

Step 5.

You will then be presented with a popup to walk you through using "Plaid" to connect your account. Click continue and follow the onscreen prompts.

round up for the NIA

Step 6.

After successfully linking your bank account you be prompted to choose which payment method you would like to use to roundup. Please fill out the required information to your liking:

round up for the NIA

Step 7.

Confirm your donation! A Minimum donation of $5 is required. At the end of each month your RoundUps will be totaled and the sum is donated to the NIA!

round up for the NIA