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Truth is Power is Freedom

The growing band of American colonists realized they were among a diverse collection of peoples from different lands, different cultures and different interests, all with one common resolve to live independent and free of fear. So from their perspective of oppression, they focused not on musket and domain, but on commonality.


The Audacity to Restore: A Woman’s Story of Empathy, Justice and Healing

Like most people who suffer trauma at the hands of another, I was preoccupied with why it happened. More specifically, how had these men reached a point where they were capable of inflicting such harm on another human being?


Memorial Day in Full Measure

“I guess I want people to know that while they certainly fought for country, they died protecting their buddies.” Perhaps then, the greatest wish of the fallen hero would be to continue to care for his buddies – those still alive, still struggling to adjust. To make things right and to make them whole.


When It Hits Your Doorstep: Vincia’s Story

If I could only look a parent in the eye who happens to also be a policy maker, I would ask, “how do you want my son to return to society?” Or better even, “is it starting to make more sense to care how my son will return to society?”


Criminal Justice Reform: The Victim’s Point Of View

Criminal justice reform is happening all across the country—reducing jail and prison populations through alternative sentencing. However, most professionals engaged in reform are focused solely on the perpetrators of crime, not the victims.


Ban the Box

I’ve heard so much talk recently about this “Ban the Box” initiative. I just learned a little bit more about it. Apparently, a company or an agency can eliminate the box on a job application that asks if you’ve ever been arrested or convicted of a crime.


Blaming Basil Eleby

Since the collapse of Atlanta’s I-85 expanse at the Buford-Spring connector, emotions have been ignited and people want answers. Why was he still on the street after so many arrests? How long can he be locked away this time, once and for all? What judges kept letting him out? Did the District Attorney drop the ball? How much is all this going to cost us as taxpayers?

Paying for Crime - The NIA

Paying For Crime

But consider a third party, those who also pay when a crime is committed- the taxpayers. From a literal perspective, it is taxpayers’ dollars used to build and maintain the prison system across the Land of the Free.

Losing your right to vote - The NIA

Losing Your Right to Vote – Over 100 Years of Government Determined Morality

Did you know that under certain conditions the United States constitution does not allow Americans the right to vote? We feel as Americans – as patriots, that we are “exceptional” in the world because of values like our solemn duty to vote. Except of course…

Dogs and Men - The NIA

Dogs & Men

It was very cold in the jail. Notice how the guys have coats and thermals on under their uniform. These layers are necessary, despite