Action Call – The DOJ is Collecting Complaints for Use in Investigating GA Prisons

Voice your complaints while the DOJ investigates GA Prisons

Now is the time to act! The DOJ is investigating GA prisons and has provided a phone number and email address to allow you to voice your concerns! Don't miss this chance - ACT NOW!

• • • STEP 1 • • •

Share this with Friends and Family who are impacted by the GA prison system or anyone you know that wants to see a change!

We can't keep silent, and now is the time to act - so make sure to share this message now!

• • • STEP 2 • • •

Call Them Now!

CALL this number provided to us by the Southern Center:


& Voice Your Concerns!

• • • STEP 3 • • •

Send An Email!

Send them an email message at voicing your concerns & create a digital copy of your correspondence!

• • • STEP 4 • • •

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