Shane Bauer Talks Working Undercover in a Private Prison

In 2014, investigative reporter Shane Bauer embarked on a daring journalistic experiment. He took a job as a $9-an-hour private-prison guard at Winn Correctional Facility in Louisiana, and managed to capture the inner workings of the sort of place reporters rarely ever venture to.

For prisons, let First Step Act be just that

The U.S. criminal justice system is in desperate need of an overhaul that builds off the understanding that crime is primarily a young man’s game and that harsh punishments destroy the lives of salvageable people.

What a world without prisons could look like

With help and ideas from incarcerated men and women, Van Buren is creating dynamic spaces that provide safe venues for dialogue and reconciliation; employment and job training; and social services to help keep people from entering the justice system in the first place.