Over-incarceration crosses political, demographic lines

Regardless of how big political disagreements may seem, there are issues that transcend political lines, and criminal justice reform is one of those issues. I know from personal experience that nothing compares to the struggle of seeing that while the holidays are a joy for so many, they can also be a reminder....

Press Release

The loss of life last week as a result of riots at Lee Correctional Institution is a tragedy for the nation, for the state of South Carolina, and especially for the families of the young men who died so needlessly.

Sharing Sentences on the Outside

Kate Boccia knows what it’s like to struggle with a loved one behind bars. When her son, Daniel, was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for armed robbery, she experienced all the emotional and financial struggles that come with having an incarcerated family member.

Rehabilitation – The Dirty Word

In essence, we can reasonably assume that each and every one of us have or know of someone who is under some form of supervision, whether it is prison, probation (3.9 million), parole, (850,000) or jails (more than 11 million people cycle through each year, according to the Prison Policy Initiative report.

Millions of Us Are Affected by Draconian Prison Penalties

The political climate is poised to make the necessary changes to truly reform our criminal justice system because without these changes we will have a collapse. The catastrophic fallout and collateral consequences have affected each and every one of us who pay taxes.