Listen Up {Elected Officials}

This topic is something that affects each and every one of us who live and pay taxes in this country. It is our moral obligation to fully understand the impact that our ignorance is having on all of us.

Why Families Give Up

Suddenly an elderly man collapsed. The heat was too much for him. The crowd was scared and screamed for help. The officer on duty got him inside and cooled him off, then the family left. I have no idea who they were, how long they drove or if anyone would let the man who they were visiting know what had happened.

The Prison Family Conundrum

It is obvious to each of us that we in no way intend to forgo the safety and security of our communities. We all understand the need to incarcerate individuals that are a danger.

Kate Boccia – An Update

I have played with children in line, wrote letters of appreciation to officers, counselors and wardens. I have challenged the system to be better at communicating with families and loved ones. I have addressed the visitation issues and helped get things improved.