A Different Voter Bloc

The reason why lawmakers can safely ignore us all is that we are not organized like other voter blocs. Too many politicians do an excellent job pitting enough of us against them, canceling out each other in the calculation of who can be ignored. We remain numb to the fact that the most efficient way to fix broken systems is through our bloc of issue-driven votes.

Beyond the Fog and Fear: Staying Focused on Justice Reform | The NIA

If we follow the studies, the data and the money to explain why – perhaps why, we’d see that the picture is still the same as it has been for generations: We miseducate and underdevelop, then we over incarcerate, refuse to cure or rehabilitate, and exacerbate the depth and scale of the problem because the resulting cycle is both a cash industry and a social-control phenomenon too overblown to contend.

One Urgent National Day of Service

One Urgent Day for National Service - Understanding what makes America - understanding compassion. Seeing through the stigmatism. Seeing that they are the same as you - having done what you do.

Costly policing can’t make dent in rising crime

We cannot effectively address Atlanta’s skyrocketing crime rates simply by employing old tactics which have failed to work in the past. The mayor has proposed hiring 250 additional police officers, expanding the city’s video surveillance and license plate reader systems, and adding 10,000 more streetlights by Dec. 31, 2022.