2020 In Review, Why the NIA & Where are we Headed.

2020 In Review IMPACT Over 500 Families Assisted by NIA Volunteers FAMILY DAY The NIA created its first virtual workshop to provide information to families with incarcerated loved ones after Georgia DOC canceled all of theirs due to COVID-19 COMMUNITY The NIA is actively engaged in 16 partnership projects and initiatives to reflect the pertinent […]

Leave My Citizen-Right to Vote Alone

I served 7 years in prison 4 years ago... While most Americans right now and all around us, are active and vocal about voting – I can’t vote. In fact, I can’t vote until I’m 80 years old – another 20 years from now.

When a Parent Goes to Prison

Filmmaker Denali Tiller had another project in mind when she began following a woman who had been incarcerated for 17 years and had developed a program aimed at addressing the trauma experienced by children whose parents were in prison.

Over-incarceration crosses political, demographic lines

Regardless of how big political disagreements may seem, there are issues that transcend political lines, and criminal justice reform is one of those issues. I know from personal experience that nothing compares to the struggle of seeing that while the holidays are a joy for so many, they can also be a reminder....

A Mother’s Love…

This isn’t my story. This is a story of unwavering passion and determination. This is a story of a mother’s love.

Probation Trap

If you are not in a position of power or wealth, you can be trapped in a cycle that wants to perpetuate your punishment instead of reform your character.

Dear Mothers

As we celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day, let us not forget who mothers really are. Mothers are amazing women who love so unconditionally.