Retribution alone does not heal nor correct.
Changing mindsets and behavior takes work.
Changing policies to restore families
and communities takes...
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Despite all challenges, there are more people and families impacted by outdated and irresponsible mass incarceration policies than the declining number of people who don’t care. It’s time to stand up, step out and refuse to be silenced any longer.


Communicate Strategically

Continually communicate to your family, friends, former classmates and church members information and links on this website and others. Keep posting on your social media platforms, talking up and sending out SECOND CHANCE FACTS to others. Urge others to pass on new awareness information to their companies and hiring managers.

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Communicate regularly with your policy makers. Help them to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Send them short notes and voicemails and links to information on this site and others. Keep them informed about smarter ways to keep thousands more Americans liberated from homelessness, and secure in stable jobs and careers – away from desperate living that breeds more crime.

Keep this a movement… Until INCARCERATION means RESTORATION for all!

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