Campaigning For Results

With special projects and partnership arrangements, NIA is exposing who continues to push failed soft-on-crime policies and why. What can well-coordinated innovative approaches look like?


The NIA supports Press On by the AJC

The NIA attends "Press-On" hosted by the AJC to espouse investigative journalism for the betterment of our community


Overdose Awareness Day 2022

The NIA helps spread awareness, share condolences, and promotes Overdose Awareness Day 2022

JUNE 2022

Family Day Meet and Greet 2022 - the NIA

The NIA provides guidance, answers questions, and helps individuals during our Family Day Meet & Greet

Not in Vain Women's Conference

The NIA shows it's support at the "Not in Vain" Women's Conference

The NIA Team Retreat

The NIA host a team retreat to promote synergy and the growing brain trust behind the movement

APRIL 2022

The NIA is a Sponsor for the 2022 Better Chances Symposium by the GGRA

The NIA sponsors the 2022 Better Chances Symposium hosted by the Greater Gwinnett Reentry Alliance

The NIA on WATC-TV 57

The NIA is featured in a panel discussion on WATC-TV 57 regarding incarceration & child sexual abuse

The National Incarceration Attends the Canine Cellmates Beyond the Bars Graduation

In support of restorative programs, The NIA attends the Graduation for Canine Cellmates Beyond the Bars


NIA at GPAC 2022 3

The NIA encourages community supervisors to commit to diligence, empathy, and responsibility in the course of their work at GPAC 2022.

NIA - leader of the Justice Reform Partnership 2

NIA as part of the JRP gears up for 2022 legislative session to inform change, reduce crime and heal families.

NIA forges new working alliance with Securus Corporation

The NIA forges new working alliance with the Securus Corporation to reform prison communications and advance family connectivity.

Kate Boccia Joins Board of Directors National Multi Faith Initiative

Kate Boccia CEO of the NIA signs on as member of the first Board of Directors of the National Multi-Faith Initiative to End Mass Incarceration.

NIA partners with Saprea for Children

NIA launches new Action Alliance with Saprea to re-amplify leaving no child behind.


NIA agitates and challenges current norms

NIA kicks off new year in special memoriam of MLK's appeal to serve and repair, yet agitate and challenge.

NIA acquires the vault

NIA acquires "The Vault" of ignored American stories to highlight the trauma caused by justice systems failures.


Maverick City Music Joins the NIA

NIA locks in new working alliance with MCMI & City Takers to extend the inclusive reach of the movement to end mass incarceration.

NIA at the Georgia State Capitol

National Incarceration Association in partnership with other advocates announces an acceleration of the movement to reverse crime rates through coordinated carceral reform.

Carry on in my name

NIA introduces series awareness actions: "Carry On In My Name" to highlight the ignored human cost of failed soft-on-crime policies.

Working Together Works

Working together works - That is why we continue to engage with the community, lawmakers, legislators, like-minded organizations, and prominent members of society. Meet some of the passionate entities that have coordinated with the NIA for a real and positive impact!
Maverick City Music Initiative - NIA Partner

Maverick City Music Initiative

Maverick City started with a dream to make space for folk that would otherwise live in their own separate worlds. We exist to break the unspoken rules that exist in the CCM and Gospel World, but more importantly to be a mega phone for a community of creatives that have been pushed to the margins of the industry of Church Music. An unchained, God-breathed sound is what brings us together, and that is the sound vivaciously smacking you in the face the first time you hit play on on a Maverick track. It isn’t the sound of a community that is centered around their deprivation, it’s the audacious sound of true belonging: the beautiful harmony of a long lost family.

Justice Reform Partnership - NIA Partner 2

Justice Reform Partnership

The Justice Reform Partnership (JRP) is a collective of organizations and individuals interested in supporting criminal justice reform work in Georgia. We began as a grouping of just five organizations working on statewide advocacy during the legislative session. We now welcome over 50 statewide and local organizations working year-round on critical reform efforts.

Multifaith Initiative to End Mass Incarceration Logo - NIA Partner 3

Multifaith Initiative to End Mass Incarceration

The historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and The Temple in Atlanta Georgia, along with Odyssey Impact and other multifaith partners are collaborating on a national initiative that leverages the spiritual, people, and resource power of the U.S. faith community to end mass incarceration in the United States. The Multifaith Initiative to End Mass Incarceration (EMI) is focused on catalyzing a faith-rooted response to this issue in a way that adds value to existing work and furthers coherence in faith-rooted efforts. Our vision is for multifaith communities to exercise and amplify their calls and actions for eliminating mass incarceration in a dedicated, savvy, and impactful manner.

Saprea Partners up with the NIA


Saprea exists to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, funded by a combination of public and private donations. Our offices are located in Lehi, Utah and Alpharetta, Georgia.

Securus Joins the NIA

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies® connects family and friends to the incarcerated through superior communication services. As the largest incarcerated individual communications provider, we help maintain relationships between incarcerated individuals and their family and friends through easy to use incarcerated individual calling options and Video ConnectSM from anywhere using Apple or Android smartphones, tablets or PCs.

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